MSGLegal is committed to providing top-notch services to the legal industry. Ranging from court reporting and videography to video conferencing and courtroom support, MSGLegal has the technology and expertise to help you succeed. With over 35 years of experience in the Industry our team is committed to develop and implement new technologies and services to help attorneys and firms serve their clients.

Court Reporting

The importance of preserving testimony accurately, professionally, reliably and efficiently cannot be overstated. Our local court reporting professionals have a national reputation for excellence and quality, giving you peace of mind knowing that your deposition will be reported correctly.

  • Regular Delivery (7-10 calendar days)
  • Expedited Delivery (as you need it)
  • Instant and Daily Delivery
  • Translation Services

Legal Videography

Creating meaningful, effective deposition videos is about more than simply turning on a video camera and pointing it at the witness being deposed. There are few tools available today as powerful as video. Video has the ability to captivate and immerse a jury unlike a standard transcipt or written record. Take your depositions to the next level with our professional and trusted legal video team services.

  • Certfied legal videographers
  • HD audio and video
  • State of the art broadcast level equipment
  • Editing and syncing available

Video Conferencing

The world and technology are rapidly changing. MSGLegal has been coordinating videoconferencing for our clients for 3+ years through our DepoREMOTE(TM) System. Our offices feature dedicated in-house videoconference facilities. Combining videoconference with other technology tools such as realtime over the internet, digital video recording and text to video synchronization, we can now provide a new level of time-efficiency and convenience.

  • Experienced hosts
  • HD audio and video available
  • State of the art broadcast level equipment
  • Constant monitoring and support

Court Room Support

Now more than ever it is important to leverge technology in order to present your case to a judge and jury. MSGLegal has the knowledge and tools to bring your case to the next level by leveraging today's technology. At trial, you need focus on your case presentation rather than the technology use to present. We'll take on that burden to help you win in the courtroom.

  • Years of live trial experience
  • Video editing and display
  • Electronic documents
  • HD projectors and elmos

Other Services